About Tumble in The Jungle

In the effort to promote rehabilitation and restoration ecosystem programs for tropical lowland forest in Sumatera, PT Restorasi Ekosistem Indonesia (REKI), a credible and legal company entrusted by Indonesian Government in managing and restoring ecosystem of Hutan Harapan located in the province of South Sumatra and Jambi (www.hutanharapan.id), in collaboration with the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia is planning to convene the first cross-country mountain bike race with the theme of Tumble in the Jungle.


The first international bicycle race, initiated by PT REKI, held in Sumatran tropical lowland forest, in particular within the Hutan Harapan area, is mainly to promote Sumatra biodivesirty of tropical forest, augmenting the affection toward nature and promoting cultural richness of South Sumatra and Jambi and tourism in general while biking the scenic area along the forest.

Race Model

The mountain bike race in Hutan Harapan will be a very special event and might become an unforgettable memory for the racers for a number of reasons.

The race will be carried out in along the 30 km upslope and down of logging road with a number of challenging obstacles through a special track in the forest area featuring intake tropical lowland forest. During the event racers might have a possibility to encounter wildlife crossing logging road such as endangered Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant, wild boars, tapir, various of Sumatran primate and not to mention seeing numbers of birds including the rare and endangered hornbill. Notwithstanding, for the purpose of race credibility, the race will be conducted under the auspicious and standard procedure of Indonesian Sport of Bicycle Association

Health Insurance

The organizing committee will provide all race participants with health insurance. In addition the committee will also provide medical supports including ambulance for emergency situation.


The Organizing committee will provide special awards for the champion and 9 (nine) first racers who touch down the finish line plus cash of IDR 70,000,000. Certificates will be given to all the racers.

Next Agenda

The race is planning to be the annual bicycle race in Hutan Harapan and register as an annual agenda of Indonesian Sport Bicycle Association